Prajwol goes to school

prajwal (1)
” His parents left him here when he was just 9 days old, since then he is with me, He thinks that I am his mother. I have six member in my family – my husband, me myself, two son, a daughter and him. We have been living here in Balkhu Slum Since 10 years , we don’t have any other place to go because we can not effort. Me and my husband go to search for work every morning in balkhu, we usually carry goods like cements, iron rods,etc from a hardware shop and load it to the vehicle. sometimes it is difficult to find work and we do not earn anything-it is difficult to feed the childrens in that case. Our daily routine is the same. But sometimes when my health is not good and I cannot go to work. I feel very sad for my family.Now Prajwal can go school because of your organisation support I am very happy for him that he can now get education and his future will not be like ours, Now I can see his bright future.I have only one wish that If I could secured his future, I don’t want to see him living like a slum in this place like us. Even I have nothing but I always pray for his bright future.” said grandmother of Prajwal Tamang, a 4 year old kid.