Our vision is to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children in Nepal, so they have better opportunities to fulfill their dreams. We believe that empowerment of today’s children can help to decrease poverty and illiteracy in the future generations of Nepal.

We try to conduct this vision by supporting the underprivileged children with education, food and shelter. 

Heart Beat is established in 2006 and is a non-profit organization located at Gahana Pokhari, Kathmandu. Heart Beat safeguards children who have a high risk of becoming homeless and that are missing opportunities for formal education.

Heart Beat provides quality time, educational support, space and the basic needs required for the children who are neglected in their family and in society. This support to the children is believed to enhance physical and mental growth and development. Heart Beat also conducts preventive activities such as rescuing the children from street life, preventing drugs abuse and street misbehavior.

The strategy of Heart Beat organization is inter-connecting children and society by providing basic educational support to the disadvantaged children. The funds collected from either individual donors and organizational donors are utilized to facilitate the disadvantaged children for their basic educational materials, scholarships and extra-circular activities.

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