Education for All Campaign

Heart Beat is motivated to educate and empower every student with quality education. We believe that every child deserves this education regardless of their poor family economic status.

In the last couple of years we have been supporting many children with their educations in Nepal.

In the past we provided admission, school books, uniforms and other necessities as much as possible to community children. We have been able to help a lot of children, but unfortunately not as many as we wanted to. And not with all the support they needed. For example: we provided some of them with their admission fee, some have been supported with school books, and some of them got school supplies like bags and uniforms.

We witnessed transformation among the students whom we have supported, who otherwise would have spend their lives on the street. It is because of joint effort, and your contribution, that the students could continue their further educations. 

From this year, 2018, we want to improve the ‘Education for All’ project. We set ourselves a goal for the year 2018. We want to support 100 community children whose families can’t afford to pay for their school necessities. This includes their school admission fee and their school supplies.

The goal for the years after the year 2018 Heart Beat is to support even more children. We aim to support at least 150 children in 2019 and 200 children in 2020.

For this we need your help. We are searching for people who want to support those children. 

You can support as many children as you want. The costs of supporting one of those children for one year are NRs. 7500/-, $75/-.

Your donations and sponsor ships are used for:
1) Educating disadvantaged community children by enrolling them to the school.
2) Providing the students with basic needs for their schooling such as –

• Admission cost
• Tie and belt
• Exam
• School uniform
• School bag
• Books and stationeries

If you want to support, contact: 9851050299 / 9841873495;

Below are the links to profile of some of the children who need support to continue their education.

Husnahz’s, Mehnaz’s and Sehnaz’s profile

Mamita and her siblings’ profile

Pinky and her siblings’ profile

Sawkhat’s and Shamad’s profile

Sneha Rana Magar’s profile