Sneha’s Story
Sneha Rana Magar lives at Sanepa 2, Laltipur. She is living with her parents. She has migrated to Kathmandu from Kavre with her family.

Her family is struggling to sustain their livelihood in Kathmandu.  Sneha’s mother works at catering services and her father works as blacksmith producing knifes, and other metal equipments. Sneha has noticed the struggle of her parents. Being a young kid, her mind is diverted towards making money even in small scale. She has started collecting waste material from the river basin so that she can sell it to a garbage collection centre and make money for herself.

However, we do not want her to continue her practice of collecting waste at such a young age. She should be playing and going to school instead of making money.

This is why we need your help. Heart Beat wants Sneha to go to school and get a proper education. We need monetary support to pay for her admission fee and her school supplies.


Sneha Rana Magar

Name – Sneha Rana Magar
Class – KG
School – Shree Mahendra Saraswati Sewa Lower Secondary School
Parent’s names
Mother – Anita Rana Magar
Father – Raj Kumar Rana Magar
Parents Occupations – Catering Worker and blacksmith

If you want to help Sneha Rana Magar with her education by donating NRs. 7000, Please contact Heart Beat.