Heart Beat values all kinds of support and donations that could benefit the organization and help us to accomplish our goals.

At Heart Beat, the majority of contributors are individual donors and supporters. Those donations are the integral part of the Heart Beat organization. Without those contributions it is very difficult for us to help as many children as we are helping now. If you like to donate money or goods to Heart Beat, please contact us.


Heart Beat welcomes innovative ideas to conduct fundraising events to make monetary support sustainable. So, if you have an idea how we can organize some fundraising campaigns, or want to help us organizing a fundraising campaign, please contact us.


Every year, there are a lot of children who are likely to drop out from school, due to lack of financial resources within their families. Heart Beat is eager to support those underprivileged children. This by providing them with school supplies, books, uniforms and paying their admission fees.

There are a lot of students who need our help. Because of this, Heart Beat is looking for people who want to sponsor those children’s educations so they do not drop out of school. If you want to help those children succeed in life, please contact us.