After School Programs (ASPs) are informal classes for the community children at different locations. ASPs aim to guide and empower the hidden talent of the local needy children in different communities. During ASPs, the community children are engaging into extra-curricular activities for their personal and intellectual development.

The qualities of community schools are not equal to private schools in Nepal. The private schools are comparatively effective in disseminating quality knowledge and education. Due to inequality in education, many school children are likely to drop out of school.

ASPs aim to bridge the gap between the differences in those education systems. The teachers and volunteers are dedicated to support the students with improving their knowledge about the hard subjects – English, Maths, Science and more.

Furthermore, ASPs are the space where the children can come up with their new ideas to share among their friends. We conduct ASPs at Gahana Pokhari, Dallu, Shree Samaj Sudhar Basic School at Bhaktpur, and Shree Korsang Basic School in Chepang Community, Dhading.