Dream Center is a child friendly space for community children. They can attend a variety of activities like:
music classes and art-, craft-, drawing-, and painting workshops.

Basically, families of the children migrated to Kathmandu with big hopes and dreams, but due to various unfavourable family situations, they are not able to prioritize the basic needs for their children.

As the children are crucial members of the society, they need special attention regardless where they grow up. It is important to give children proper time and space to nurture.

Dream Care Center at Heart Beat is a space for the children from underprivileged households for their creative and extra circular activities. Heart Beat creates an excellent platform for the children to build up their hidden skills and broaden their creativity in profound ways.
The students get proper guidance and educational supports in needy basis with the support from Heart Beat volunteers and supporters. Heart Beat pledges for scholarship, reconstruction of school classrooms in remote areas and many more. Furthermore, Heart Beat connects the rural community school students in possible ways such as conducting health and hygiene camp and art and craft workshops.

Heart Beat provides children with proper guidance, care and support to become responsible. We provide support to children with families from various backgrounds: single parents, waste collectors, street vendors, porters, and other poor families.

Sabin learns how to make handbags from waste papers.