In the past, Heart Beat used to visit different areas of Kathmandu to provide free tea and bread to people living on the streets.

This was an important outreach project because it built a strong connection between Heartbeat and the people who live on the street. Through this, we remained familiar with those individuals. And we used this opportunity to encourage street children to get involved in our other projects so that we could help them.

Most of the children living on the street were working in different fields such as vendors, waste picker, Khalasis, news paper sellers, dish washers in restaurants and many more. Due to lack of proper guidance to work efficiently, those children had a bad behavior. They did things as bullying, pick pocketing and using drugs. Often, they were abused and exploited by pedestrians. 

Furthermore, Tea for Free was also a step for socialization for children living on the street. It helped Heart Beat to conduct programs such as health services, literacy programs, psycho-social support and substance addiction treatment for addicted children. 

Due to changed legal policies by the Nepal Government, Heart Beat had to stop the Tea for Free campaign.