On various social functions, such as Maha Shivaratri and Teej, Heart Beat has been facilitating safe drinking water and first aid services to the people visiting the pilgrims.
Similarly, Heart Beat has been involved in community services during various natural disasters. Such as: earthquakes, floods, landslides and cold waves.

For example, Heart Beat has supported the construction of classrooms at the Shree Korsang Basic School in Dhading and the construction of three classrooms at the Shree Sundara Devi Basic School in Nuwakot after the earthquake of 2015 .

Heart Beat also provides warm clothes and blankets to families who get affected by cold waves.
The picture below shows Heart Beat providing stationery at the Rautahat District, which was hardly effected by the cold waves in 2017.

Relief Distribution at Rautahat during cold wave